Commercial Finance Broker 

How does construction financing work, and why do P&L-based solutions fall short compared to Asset-based lending options? Find out in this article.

Specialist commercial finance explained: When you’re trying to find the best commercial finance product for your needs, is it better to consult with a commercial finance broker or stick with your regular bank? That depends, and sometimes, for some businesses, dealing with the bank or a traditional commercial finance lender will yield the results they […]

What is bridging finance? 

What is bridging finance, and how can it help fund construction or property development? All about how bridging loans help reduce building costs and delays. 

What is bridging finance? We are looking for finance for property development or funding for construction projects that minimize delays and problems. Speak to mortgage managers who think like developers and provide solutions based on end value and profitability.  At Agility, we understand that cash flow is one of the most challenging property development and […]